About Me

“Be kind to everyone you meet, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle.” – Anonymous

Reflecting has always been my attitude. Being adaptable is very much my style. Leadership is what I show in each context I find myself in. And thinking about issues is what I do constantly.

I find my professional roles centring around the themes of helping others; whether it is empowering people to do their work, lifting up people to help them be better versions of themselves, or helping people shape their life memories.

I picked up running in 2017 as a way to seek balance in life, and to check on my health. Running has been therapeutic, and has helped me a great deal in managing my health. I also learnt much about myself and work through the experience.

Reading also forms a major chunk of my learning. I read a wide range of popular psychology, business and finance, as well as leadership and management books.

I started investment since the early 2000s, and have read up on many instruments and methods. I am still learning about investment today, and have some modest results from investing. I hope to write about this in the future.

Today, I continue my learning through different modalities: online courses, workshops, conferences as well as through formal and informal interactions with people.

This blog documents what I have learnt from the different experiences in life. There will be new content put up every Saturday. I welcome any comments and exchange of ideas, because that is how we should learn and grow in today’s complex world.

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