2021 Blog Posts – Part 2

This page lists the posts I have written for 2021. I have another page for the posts I publish from July.

1. How Dumplings Spark Thoughts Of The Future (3 July 2021) – My mother didn’t make dumplings this year. I bought from a shop instead and found out about price hikes, endangered food supply and the possibility of a radically different society in the future. Sharing that experience here.

2. Three Tips From My Conversations With Job Seekers (Part 1) (10 July 2021) – If you know why you want a job, what will you do? My advice is to be frank with the interviewer. Sharing this and other tips in this post.

3. Three Tips From My Conversations With Job Seekers (Part 2) (17 July 2021) – Continuing my series on tips for the job seekers, I wrote about the need to create the right impression from the start. You should also be prepared in the interview. Don’t be closed minded when responding to questions.

4. Three Tips From My Conversation With Job Seekers (Part 3) (24 July 2021) – This is the last in the series where I reflected on some areas job seekers can work on to secure the position they apply for and how you can respond to follow ups after an interview.

5. Three Ideas On Communications And Engagement From A Presentation (31 July 2021) – I attended a webinar one weekend, which happened to touch on a topic many seniors are interested in. I was taken by how the presenter managed to bridge the generation gap and conveyed key messages and clarified misconceptions in the webinar. I share three ideas how the presenter engaged the audience in this webinar.

6. When Being Late For School Is More Than Being Late (7 August 2021) – I have encountered many students who come late for school throughout my career. There is this one student whom I spoke with that left a deep impression in me. I realised that his late coming is more than because of his lack of effort. He does not have a goal nor drive, and he does not have a supportive ecosystem.

7. The Convenience Of Digital Payments Comes With Opportunity Costs (14 August 2021) – All of us love convenience. Payment through digital means is one convenience we enjoy. But this can come at a cost if it becomes too convenient. The concepts of money, budget and savings may be lost in the younger generations as a result.

8. This Student Made Me Think … (21 August 2021) – I met this student one day while walking around the school. Our conversation made me realise that adults can plant ideas of discrimination in children from young. We need to do more to prevent discrimination and help bring mutual respect into being.

9. How I Started Investing (28 August 2021) – We will accumulate savings from work. What do you do with them? Before putting them into investments, it is good to think through some questions, which I share in this article.

10. Remembering What Teachers Do For You (4 September 2021) – I recollect some life lessons several teachers imparted to me over the years here. Teachers are not present in schools, but also in workplaces and other places too. There is always something to learn from someone.

11. Why Investing In Big Names Is Not A Foolproof Strategy (11 September 2021) – I share my experience investing in the stock of a big company – Sembcorp – and drew lessons about investor psychology and market sentiments as being more important than company fundamentals when seeking returns.

12. I Switched To Garmin And Learnt About Data Analytics (18 September 2021) – I was wearing Fitbit wearables for a few years, before I switched to Garmin this year. Sharing my experience with the data insights from Garmin and what I learnt about the role of predictive analytics in consumerism.

13. The Growing Pains Of Adolescence: managing student behaviour is never easy (25 September 2021) – adolescence is a turbulent period. Match that with having to learn to conform to societal expectations and norms, and this spells trouble. I share the experience with one student who had to learn to be comfortable in his skin in this period, including coping with his special needs.

14. What My Mooncake Experiment Showed About Learning (2 October 2021) – I can always buy mooncakes but it is also good learning to try and make some too. I tried that recently and found out that making mooncakes requires more than understanding and following a recipe. You need tacit knowledge to be skilled in making them.