2021 Blog Posts – Part 1

This page lists the posts I have written for 2021. I have another page for the posts I publish from July.

1. The ‘Silly’ Things A Father Can Do (2 Jan 2021) – Ever had that feeling where you will put things aside and attend to your child? I am sure you have. I share one moment in time what I went through when my child started working till late at night.

2. Why Graduation Is A Sad Day For Some (9 Jan 2021) – I heard this from a parent once: “Graduation is supposed to be a happy occasion for parents. but it isn’t for me.” That really struck a nerve in me. Sharing what I encountered and my thoughts on this sentiment.

3. Three Things I Learnt From A Background Check (16 Jan 2021) – Anyone applying for a job would come across a section in the application form requesting for references. Yet what you provide may not be who recruiters call. Sharing my experience in this post what I learnt from a background check.

4. How A Job Can Find You Instead (23 Jan 2021) – the “hidden network” – have you heard of it? I learnt this phrase for some time, but it wasn’t till I was exposed to this concept recently again that I became more attuned to it.

5. Trying Out A New Running Method (30 Jan 2021) – I learnt the technique of negative splits from a contact and decided to try it out. It was a good one! Sharing some lessons I learnt from it.

6. The Stories We Know Of Chinese New Year (6 Feb 2021) – Why is the animal zodiac arranged in a certain order? Who decided on the sequence? I was reminded of a story I read long ago about this, and shared it here.

7. Being Customer-Centric: what a SIM card got me thinking about (13 Feb 2021) – if you ever had frustrating experiences dealing with customer service centres for any services, you are amongst the many. Sharing my experience trying to switch from a micro SIM to nano SIM in this post here.

8. Three Reflection Points From Brushing Teeth (20 Feb 2021) – I spent my primary school years learning how to brush teeth, amongst other skills and knowledge that I picked up. It was my teacher who taught me how to brush teeth. If you cannot imagine that, read on!

9. Goals Get Me Running (27 Feb 2021) – I share my annual reflection of my running journey in 2020 in this post, plus what I aim to achieve in 2021.

10. What I Conversed With Younger Generations On Work (6 Mar 2021) – When will I be promoted? is one of the most often questions a person will ask throughout his or her career. It is also a question I asked myself before. I know the emotions behind this question. Sharing some questions the younger colleagues asked me before in my conversations.

11. What I Learnt About Learning From A Rifle And A Song (13 Mar 2021) – Associations are powerful memory aids. Put experiences and songs together, and they form a powerful associative tool for learning. I share how this helped me through my army experience.

12. What Running 42 km Showed Me About Learning (20 Mar 2021) – Learning is about measuring success intentionally. If you don’t have a plan, you cannot achieve Learning. That is one lesson I drew from attempting a marathon in 2020. Sharing my experience here.

13. A Journey Of Progress Starts With Reflection: what I learnt from WordPress statistics (27 Mar 2021) – 2020 marks the second year of my blog. I took a peek at the statistics provided by WordPress to see what I can understand about my writing journey. They also helped me frame my writing goals for 2021.

14. What A Coach Driver Taught Me (3 April 2021) – I have never lived and worked overseas, so I cannot understand how migrant workers feel. But my conversation with a coach driver helped me understand some of the inner struggles they face when working in a foreign land. I appreciate them very much.

15. Three Reasons Why I Connected Well With Him (10 April 2021) – A good story engages the person. That is the main takeaway in my encounter with this person whom I met for the first time. Sharing my story here, and why I feel a story sells.

16. Getting Into An Accident: what it showed me about assumptions and blessings (17 April 2021) – My first accident from running was many years ago. I have avoided accidents since, until recently. That got me reflecting over what happened, and I came to appreciate some things as a result. Do not carry assumptions for too long too!

17. The Magic Between Grandparents And Grandchildren (24 April 2021) – You always hear of how grandparents tend to overindulge in the grandchildren. I don’t think it’s necessarily true. Sharing my experience of the relationship between my parents and my children.

18. What You May Experience Daily In Life (1 May 2021) – Have you heard of microaggressions? I share three examples of microaggressions in different industries and what we could do instead.

19. When Your Customer Is Difficult (8 May 2021) – Have you met a difficult customer before? How do you handle them? I saw how one waiter did it, and drew some lessons from it.

20. I Am Grateful, Even With COVID (15 May 2021) – Just when the covid situation in Singapore seems to be under control, the government announced heightened measures to curb a rise in cases. What was my response? Calling out things I am grateful for here.

21. How’s Your 2021 Goals? What I Went Through Reflecting On My Running Goals (22 May 2021) – It becomes quite easy to make excuses when you suffer a setback. I am not good enough, you may think. But I also realised that setting goals means having to plan to achieve them. Sharing my reflection on running goals for the year (and my progress).

22. When You Lost Your Job (29 May 2021) – My uncle lost his job. Tht episode taught me some lessons. You need to create value, learn to preserve your brand and have to call ageism out.

23. How Two Salesmen Vied For My Attention (5 June 2021) – I bought a TV this year. It isn’t an impulse buy. I got it after I was convinced of what I need, on my second visit to the store. That salesman taught me some valuable lessons.

24. Thinking About Autism And Dementia (12 June 2021) – My father has dementia. I work with children with special needs. I started thinking about autism and dementia one day, and pen what I think persons with either autism and dementia can be supported in similar ways here.

25. The Scars In Life (19 June 2021) – I incurred several scars when I fell down earlier this year. They are still with me, as are some scars I obtained from young. Even emotional scars. I reflect on them and wonder if they can ever disappear.

26. I Called A Credit Card Company And Learnt About Service Excellence (26 June 2021) – I am seldom fascinated by service standards of companies. As long as I am served I don’t really fuss bout standards. But this one impressed me much that I have to write about it.