Let The Sickness Be Gone!

When do you feel helpless?

I may be a pessimist here, but I think I feel utterly helpless when I fall sick.

Sure, there may be times at work or home when you feel helpless in specific situations. When it seems there are no solutions to the situations you are in.

Sickness is also similar. Yet it is different because you are really vulnerable during this period when you are not feeling well. The illness seems to sap your entire energy and being, keeping you away from your usual routine or things you want to attend. It forces you to slow down, makes you give in to whining and gripping over the different ailments you have.

I used to fall sick pretty often. Either I get a fever, running nose or sore throat. I always wondered why. And because I am allergic to some medicine, I do not usually take medication for such sickness. Hence I would take longer to recover.

But I have fallen sick less often these days. And even if I am sick, the level of severity seems lesser. Reflecting over, I think there are some key things I do that contribute to this.

1. Exercise Is Key.

If you have been reading my blog, you would know that I have started running a few years ago. After I started with this regime, the number of times I fall sick came down. I feel more healthy than before. But it does not mean that I do not fall sick. In fact, if I have a cold or flu, it seems I get even more stronger viruses attacking my immunity system.

Thinking over, I think those stronger bouts of flu happen also because I didn’t take good care of myself. It could be because I stayed in cold environments without additional layers of clothing, or I neglected to sleep more, or watch over what I eat. I still think exercise helped me a lot in keeping healthy.

2. Watching What I Put In My Body.

Some time ago, I was introduced to a drug called Sambucol. I take the pill version whenever I detect a slight case of cold coming up. Sambucol is supposed to help shore up the defense system so that the cold symptoms can be eradicated immediately. It is supposed to help a person recover from cold faster, if you take the pill within 24 hours of detecting a cold.

That works for me. I recover from colds much faster. The good thing about this drug is that it is not a synthetic drug but one that is manufactured from elderberry extract. So it acts to boost your immune system in a natural manner.

I don’t rely on such supplements alone. I have learnt that it is better not to consume too much cold food, and try to eat food that is minimally warm. Cold food may not be that good for your digestive system. There was once when I drank a cold drink in big gulps. My system went into a mini shock for a while before recovering. The Chinese believe that eating warm food is better for the circulation of our qi energy.

Add to this is a general refrain from eating raw or uncooked food. Especially if such food is left exposed to the environment for some time. We never know how much bacteria is present in such food, and what the bacteria can do to you.

3. Watching Over The ‘Heaty’ Body.

The third habit I picked up in recent years is to identify what kind of body I have, and hence the kind of food I should eat more. Since I tend to have ulcers quite often, my body is what the TCM would consider to be heaty. Hence I need to take food that will help to drive the heatiness away. Drinking ginseng with salt for example is one method of driving away heatiness.

Eating less fried food and baked stuff (e.g. cookies) is another method to prevent the body from heating up. That is why I have to stop myself from eating a lot of goodies during the festive season, do that I don’t develop sore throat after that.

We will never be sick-free. Even coming into close contact with people can be a trigger for sickness. What is important is for us to learn to take care of ourselves at all times. And that means looking at our habits and tweaking our way of life.

We are all unique. The supplements, diet, exercise and health routines will be and should be unique to you. Find the methods and strategies that work best for you, and stick to them. There’s no need to look for the one magic or golden pill that is guaranteed to work on you. So take those advertisements with a pinch of salt.

How do you take care of your health? Are there strategies you adopt that work well for you? Feel free to share them with me!

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