2020 Blog Posts – Part 2

This page is part 2 of the list of posts I have written for 2020.

51. What Is Your Personal Brand? (24 June 2020) – I attended a course recently on brand storytelling, which led me to think about the question of what personal branding is. I reflect on this question here.

52. How Do You Brand Yourself – Part 1 (27 June 2020) – This is a continuation of my earlier post, where I discuss the first step to developing your personal brand by answering one question.

53. How Do You Brand Yourself – Part 2 (1 July 2020) – What do you stand for is a question we should ask ourselves, after answering the first question. There is a reason for it.

54. How Do You Brand Yourself – Part 3 (4 July 2020) – You can introduce yourself by telling a memorable story, which acts as your personal brand. You can integrate your answers to the two questions into an elevator pitch that can help you stand out from the rest.

55. A Mid Year Review: knowing and refreshing my goals (8 July 2020) – Since we are past the middle of the year, and COVID has not been kind to me, I decided to do a stock take of the goals I set for myself in running and writing this year. I have mixed feelings after that.

56. Reflections Of A Citizen On Elections (11 July 2020) – Singapore just went through an election on 10 July. It was the first time we had an election without physical rallies. I document my learning from the election campaigning process here.

57. Self-Care First, Please (15 July 2020) – I shared a leadership story of how I had neglected self-care, and how I discovered this, and what I did next.

58. Getting Out Of Inertia: reinforcing my running desire (18 July 2020) – COVID disrupted a lot of my running plans and created inertia in me to maintain my fitness level. I managed to overcome it. This is a story on how I overcame the inertia.

59. Embracing Diversity As A Society (22 July 2020) – 21 July is a special day in Singapore where we commemorate Racial Harmony Day. But this day in 1964 marks a day where riots flared up because of racial tensions. I write my thoughts on learning and practising diversity in this post.

60. Three Tips Candidates Should Remember In A Job Interview – Part 3 (25 July 2020) – I continue to share additional tips on what to do if you are attending an e-interview, which can be slightly different from a face to face interview.

61. What Runners Fear (29 July 2020) – In this post I wrote on the topic of chafing, which is not discussed often but which can be a pain to runners.

62. Why I Feel Insecure About Work, And What I Can Do About It (1 Aug 2020) – I attended a webinar on the workforce of the future recently and heard some participants talk about their worries over job securities. It struck a nerve in me, because I belong to the same profile as these participants.

63. Doing Well In Digital Marketing Is Not Easy (5 Aug 2020) – After attending two modules in digital marketing, I decided to write a few pieces on my take about venturing into the digital marketing industry. This piece talks about how knowledge is important, but not as important as applying what you know to gain results.

64. Thinking About Citizenship And Birthday Wishes For Singapore (8 Aug 2020) – I wondered how many countries are there in the world and that led me to think about what I would wish for Singapore on its 55th birthday. These are my three wishes for the nation.

65. The Core Of Digital Marketing Is Data (12 Aug 2020) – Having attended two modules of social media marketing and search engine optimisation, it occurred to me that data is critical for digital marketing. What is not so simple is what tech giants consider as data is not what we see as personal data. Sharing my thoughts here.

66. How I Learnt To Gain Trust And Establish Credibility (15 Aug 2020) – Moving to new workplaces means encountering new bosses and cultures. To establish a footing in your new workplace, you can consider the strategy of quick wins. I share how this can be applied in this post.

67. What You Need To Get An Edge In Digital Marketing (19 Aug 2020) – All of us wish to succeed in whatever field we choose. When I attended two courses on digital marketing, I listened and interacted with the lecturer, and distilled what I consider as key attributes to thrive in this space.

68. Three Lessons A Project Proposal Taught Me (22 Aug 2020) – Pitching a proposal is not simple. You have to remember who is your audience. That was one thing I forgot when I put up a pitch. I had assumed the proposal was strong enough on its own.

69. Five Attributes A Digital Marketer Should Have To Thrive (26 Aug 2020) – I went through two modules on social media and digital marketing recently and understood what being a digital marketer involves. It is not an easy job and relies on your ability to think in order to do well. Extending further,. I think these attributes are also important in other professions.

70. Moving To A New Writing Frequency (29 Aug 2020) – It has been a good run since September, but I have to reduce my frequency because of work. I share three lessons I gain from blogging so far.

71. The Imprints My Teachers Left In Me (5 Sep 2020) – Teachers’ Day is also celebrated in Singapore on the last Friday of Term 3. I share some memories of my teachers and what I learnt from them here.

72. Moving Towards A No A****** Culture (12 Sep 2020) – I heard a podcast recently and recalled a book I read from the same author about assholes in the workplace, which compelled me to share some thoughts on this topic here.

73. Two Methods To Help Me Improve My Running (19 Sep 2020) – I have been running for a few years now. I am still trying to find the best technique to help me improve my pace. Describing two techniques in this post that I have been using for the past years.

74. That Day When My Daughter Was Sleepwalking … (26 Sep 2020) – My daughter was sleepwalking one night, which got me curious and thinking why she did that. I investigated and realised that sleepwalking is common in children, and for specific reasons. Sharing what I learnt here.

75. That Day When My Tap Had No Water (3 Oct 2020) – This happened one early morning. The water pipe to my apartment block and neighbouring blocks burst. This led me to observe the responses of the municipal authorities and residents. I drew some lessons from how authorities and residents act, and what society means.

76. Four Tips To Make A Persuasive Pitch (10 Oct 2020) – I am not used to making pitches in person. I am more of the kind who writes to persuade. This post is about what I learnt attending a class on making persuasive presentations. Hope it is useful to you.

77. Work Processes Are Not Rocket Science: leadership must be the first ingredient (17 Oct 2020) – I shared one incident in my workplace where I could not reconcile the report format with the intended purpose. Sharing my learning from there.

78. Learning About Writer’s Block From Going Through One (24 Oct 2020) – I have problems writing cogent pieces at one point in time this year. It was frustrating. But I learnt something in the process.

79. Birthdays And Memories (31 Oct 2020) – I tried to recall about my birthday celebrations and didn’t remember much. I also think birthdays are not so much about me though.

80. I Went Online Shopping And Learnt About Customer Experience (7 Nov 2020) – I wanted to place a bulk order online but realised that some portals don’t facilitate for such purchases. Sharing my experience in this post here.

81. Why Measuring Success Doesn’t Work For Me (14 Nov 2020) – how do you define success in your career? I don’t really think much of it too lately, and shared what I have thought of for the moment.

82. Three Questions A Person With Disability Prompted Me To Ask (21 Nov 2020) – how many times do we think of others who are dissimilar to us? How do we help the younger generation to think about this issue? Sharing my encounter with a PwD and what I was reminded.

83. Reports Are Not Individual Efforts But That Of Teamwork (28 Nov 2020) – it was a standard report to be surfaced, but when I looked at it I couldn’t make sense of it. Working with the team helped me understand better the impetus behind the report, and led to an improve version. Sharing how data literacy is important in report writing too.

84. When A Recruit Meets The Cooks: snapshot of National Service (5 Dec 2020) – I shared my first moment meeting the cooks on the first day of National Service in this post, which also inducted me to the chain of command in the army.

85. I Am A Parent With Children Sitting For Major Exams This Year (12 Dec 2020) – If you are a parent in Singapore, you would probably be concerned with your children’s major academic examinations. I am too. Yet there is room to shift this thinking in a different way. Sharing my thoughts in this post.

86. What We Can Do For Christmas (19 Dec 2020) – We tend to associate festivals with celebrations or the opportunity to get together. COVID doesn’t allow for this for Christmas. Yet it should not detract us from what Christmas means. Sharing some thoughts on what can be done instead.

87. Moving From One School To Another (26 Dec 2020) – I share a story of what I went through once some years ago, when I found out I have a child who studied in a special education school coming to study in my school. It was a very interesting experience.