2019 Blog Posts

This page lists the different posts I wrote in 2019.

1. How I Started Running (22 Sep 2019) – this is my first post where I shared on why I picked up running since 2017. It all starts with a potential liver condition.

2. 3 Tips On Working With Students With Special Educational Needs (24 Sep 2019) – Having been an educator in different capacities for a number of years, I share my thoughts on how we can manage students who have learning needs in this post.

3. My Views On Running Shoes (26 Sep 2019) – I have been trying several different pairs of running shoes for some time, and I realised that shoes are designed for you, yet you have to also choose the right design for yourself. I share some tips here.

4. Branding Yourself By Erik Deckers And Kyle Lacy (29 Sep 2019) – I read this book recently and was introduced to the world of personal branding. Deckers and Lacy wrote on how to brand yourself through social media platforms. Sharing my thoughts on the book here.

5. Three Things I Learnt From Writing Weekly Bulletins (5 Oct 2019) – I spent six years writing weekly bulletins to my staff. My bulletins evolved over the years. I reflect on what I learnt from this writing exercise.

6. Six Tips To Improve Your Reading Speed (9 Oct 2019) – I share some reading tips I picked up from reading a book, which served me fairly well. You can try picking up some of these tips yourself.

7. How I Failed ... (12 Oct 2019) – I shared a story here on how I failed once in my leadership journey. It was not a story I am proud of, but it is a story that I learnt from.

8. Three Tips On Living With Dementia (16 Oct 2019) – my father has dementia. It is not easy both for him and my family, especially my mother. I share my story in this post.

9. My Story On Running (19 Oct 2019) – This is a link to an interview I gave to a website on running, on how I started running.

10. Three Lessons I Learnt From Listening (23 Oct 2019) – this is a story of how I was reminded of the importance of listening as a leader. We sometimes pay lip service to listening skills, and must be reminded through certain situations.

11. Where Is Your Cookie Jar? (26 Oct 2019) – A cookie jar is very useful when you meet with obstacles and challenges in your life. I share how I used the cookie jar during a half marathon in this story.

12. Five Items You Should Have When Running (30 Oct 2019) – Running involves more than running shoes and attire. I also bring a few items with me along the way. This post talks about my to-bring items.

13. Three More Lessons I Learnt From Writing Weekly Bulletins (2 Nov 2019) – Following my earlier post on this topic, responses from readers prompted me to recall additional lessons from this writing experience. I share about them in this post.

14. What A Child With Special Needs Taught Me (6 Nov 2019) – this is a story of a child I met in school, who posed a lot of challenges for the teachers and school. The challenges taught me a lot, even though the journey was tough.

15. When A Child Demonstrates Gratitude (13 Nov 2019) – I shared a story what happened when I spent 5 minutes encouraging them in the last phase of their exam preparations and the pleasant surprise I received in this post.

16. Three Lessons Organising A Barbecue Taught Me (16 Nov 2019) – Having fun with friends is always something teenagers look forward to. But when life throws you lemonade, might as well make it taste good. Sharing what happened in my attempt to organise a barbecue.

17. Breathe Deeply, Think Happy Thoughts And Affirm Yourself Under Stressful Moments (20 Nov 2019) – Ever had a stressful moment? Feeling panicky? I suggested these strategies to my students one time during the exam prep season.

18. Five Tips To Prepare For A Longer Run (23 Nov 2019) – This was my maiden effort to run 32 km. I shared my experience running this race, and five tips I thought are useful in preparing for long distance running.

19. When Students Need Guidance And Direction (27 Nov 2019) – We often encounter students who are unmotivated or do not have a direction in life. What can we do?

20. When You Are New … (30 Nov 2019) – as a newbie in the workplace, you got to form relationships and find your footing and form your allies. Sharing a story of how I had to deal with a senior manager and how to find his support.

21. Three Ways To Enhance Administrative Processes (4 Dec 2019) – How do you improve processes do that you reduce risks of failure? How do you plan to improve efficiency so that your colleagues will not face audit issues? Sharing some of my thoughts based on my experience running school financial processes here.

22. Five Lessons I Learnt From Running (7 Dec 2019) – I shared a few lessons after having run for about two years. They remind me of the learning process for anything, actually.

23. What Liquid Ginger, Food Consumption And Aircon Can Inform You About The Economy (11 Dec 2019) – If we want to know how the economy is, we look at GDP growth figures. But that refers to the past. How about the future? I suggest looking at consumption patterns here.

24. Three Tips For Moving From One Workplace To Another (14 Dec 2019) – Every workplace is different, with its own culture and ethos. To be able to cope and survive, you need some tricks. Sharing some tricks I thought is helpful in managing your own transition between workplaces.

25. What Do You Want To Be (Part 1) (18 Dec 2019) – My story of how I came to be in the teaching service.

26. What Do You Want To Be (Part 2) (21 Dec 2019) – I continue with my story of how I joined the teaching service. Will there be a sequel? I am unsure.

27. What Christmas Means To Me (25 Dec 2019) – Sharing my thoughts on Christmas, from how I experienced it as a young boy and how I feel about it today.